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Making It Easier for
SMEs to Run Their Business

Run your Business Better with Integrated Software

So you can concentrate on your business rather than spending time learning complex systems, the software that IT Projects House offers are for SMEs and are designed for ease-of-use, for integration, and can be customized with no-code or low-code.


Project Management and Implementation

With over 40+ years of experience, IT Projects House's team members have run projects to implement and improve processes of SMEs.

Data Analysis and Data Intelligence

Data Analysis drive business decisions. But many SMEs do not possess the infrastructure or the personnel to create a data collection platform.  IT Projects House can show you how to collect, transform, and analyze your data without using cost-effective tools.



Our Experts Are Experienced

IT Projects House Team is certified by PMI in Project Management and practices waterfall and agile methodologies

Team members have 40+ years of experience in implementing IT Software for large companies (such as Oracle, and Alstom) and running daily operations for SMEs.


Projects done for companies in USA, Switzerland, EU countries, and India.

alstom power ge.jpg

Alstom/GE is a Large Manufacturing Company. Global Projects that I worked in included:

  • Managed the global applications portfolio of 200 manufacturing applications

  • Responsible for manufacturing applications during M&A Projects.

  • Responsible for the selection of Configure-Price-Quote Software for the Sales Team

  • Managed the global deployment of Software for Manufacturing to calculate OEE from production machines for 17 factories.

oracle erp.png

Oracle is Large Technology Company. I worked there as an Oracle Consultant for 8 years:

  • managing the Oracle ERP implementation for Oracle Customers in Switzerland.

  • was part of, 10 million records per hour, General Ledger loading of posting project at UBS, an Oracle customer.

Swiss Remarketing

Swiss Remarketing is an SME that brokers buying and selling computer hardware to the Swiss government and to the public.
I was engaged tFor the CRM project, I:

  • helped CSO to select the CRM.

  • implemented the CRM

  • trained users

  • customized the documents to local needs



Years of Experience