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What is Microsoft Dynamics 365
Business Software for SMEs

Dynamics 365 CRM & Sales

Customer relationship management (CRM) is a set of integrated, data-driven software solutions that help:

  • Sales and marketing teams to stay organized

  • Manage, monitor sales activities 

  • Store information related to your company’s existing and prospective customers.  

  • Provides a real-time view of your sales pipeline, so that you'll be aware of any slowdowns and bottlenecks

  • Automize sales campaigns and workflows.

Dynamics 365 Business Central

Business Central is and ERP or Suite of  Applications that help SMEs to increase productivity and lower cost.  They help SMEs work smarter, adept faster, and perform better.  

  • The modules include  sales, service, finance, projects, and operations.

  • Interoperability with Microsoft Office 365 and Microsoft Teams.

  • Ensure successful project execution and profitability with planning, resourcing, tracking, costing, billing, accounting, and real-time intelligence.

Specific Solutions works for many indusries including. 

  • Service

  • Medical 

  • Electrical 

  • Variant manufacturing

  • Plastic processing

  • Metal processing

  • Remarketing and Resellers

  • Multichannel

  • Wholesalers

  • Real Estate

  • ecetera....

Dynamics 365 Supply Chain

Supply Chain Management  help SMEs to have a resilient supply chain that automatically reacts to challenges using real-time visibility, agile planning, and advanced insights. SCM is to:

  • Improve Planning, forecasting, and inventory management with near-real time, eliminating stockouts and overstocking.

  • Better Procurement and Sourcing by  cost management with vendor collaboration portals and linking to vendor catalogs.

  • Build agile manufacturing processes using the Internet of Things (IoT) and mixed reality while working with your existing manufacturing execution systems (MES).

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