Bexio is Swiss Made Software that is all-in-one solution for managing your SME or your household accounting.

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  • Order Management - Connects to the central customer database to create the best quotes and order experience for your customers.

  • Accounts Payable -  manage and pay invoices by scanning QR Code or by entering ESR or IBAN number.

  • Warehouse Management - manage inventory with up-to-date information about your stock

  • Accounting - this module is synchronized with Order Management, Accounts Payable,  and POS to post and match your transactions directly to the general ledger.

  • Bank Account Integration - Accounting integrates with most Swiss bank accounts.

  • Payroll - online payroll management with electronic transmission of payroll, withholding taxes and employee insurance.

  • Online Appointments Booking - Your customers can book appointments to you  online 24/7

  • Online Shop - Create your Online Shop by simply entering your items and their prices.

  • Point of Sale (POS) - is an online and mobile cash register system that requires no software installation.  The POS offers the option to connect to most Swiss payment terminals including terminals from SumUp, SIX, and CCV.

  • POS Hardware - the hardware comes with a Samsung Galaxy S7 (Android) tablet, receipt printer Epson TM-m30 II including 9 paper rolls, cash drawer, and tablet stand.   

  • Asset Management - Simple management of your companies assets

  • Print and Send - No need to print papers of letters and invoices. Print and Send lets you create letters and upload invoices to Swiss Post. The Swiss Post then mails the letters and invoices for you.